Bnei Mitzvah Zedaka Program

Supporting our Active Soldiers

Planning your Bar or Bat Mitzvah ?

At this special time in your life, we invite you to be a part of supporting Jewish life on the Northernmost border of the State of Israel!

Twin with a Bar Mitzvah Boy
For many years we have been preparing young men from surrounding secular kibbutzim and moshavim for their Bar Mitzvah. Many of these young men would not have a traditional Bar Mitzvah, or even a celebration at all. We teach them to read their Bar Mitzvah portion and the significance of the tradition. In the end, they have their Aliyah laTorah and a meaningful celebration at the Yeshiva with their family and friends.

Meet the Bar Mitzvah boy when you’re next in Israel (or via Skype from home) and see a new face of the country as we host you on a full day, exciting experience.

Sponsoring the Bar Mitzvah project: $3,000.
Adopt Our Soldiers
Our students serve almost exclusively in the combat units of the Paratroopers, Givati, Golani and tank units. We have 60 soldiers serving in active duty at any given time. During their training and active military service, we send monthly care packages to the field containing basic hygiene products as well as goodies. These packages improve their morale and get them through rough times.

Next time you’re in Israel - assemble and hand deliver packages for our soldiers or soldiers on the border as part of a full day, exciting experience in the north!

Adopting our soldiers for a month: $3,600.
Provide Food for the Needy
Life on the periphery of Israel can be very difficult for so many underprivileged families. The Avishai Fund was created to supply food to the needy. Today, the Fund supplies food packages to 160 families every month and are hand packed by our students.

When you next come to Israel, join our students packing food for the needy as part of a full day, exciting experience in the north.

To provide food packages to five families for a year: $3,000.

Come be a part of this exciting and important work strengthening Israel’s Northernmost border.

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