Security Programs

Supporting our Active Soldiers

One of the primary reasons for establishing the Kiryat Shemona Hesder Yeshiva directly on the border with Lebanon is to ensure an army presence of front-line soldiers 24/7 to provide a stronger level of physical security for the city. We have taken an active role in all security matters since then.

During the Second Lebanon War our students went from bomb shelter to bomb shelter bringing food, medicine and joy to the elderly and infirm who had to remain in the city. Since then, the IDF and the City of Kiryat Shemona recognized our value in times of emergency.

We are trained by, and work hand-in-hand with, the IDF Home Front Command as first responders and search and rescue in times of war and natural disaster, including earthquakes as we sit on the Syrian African Rift. They rely on our readiness, organization, and motivation to act professionally and quickly in the inevitable emergency.