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Unique Day of Touring the North

The Kiryat Shemona Hesder Yeshiva Invites you to a Unique Experience in the Northernmost Reaches of Israel

Get off the beaten path and see Israel in ways most tourists never do. Meet, greet and eat with residents in and around the city!

Let us tailor your visit to Kiryat Shemona – the stronghold of security on the border with Lebanon.

Your day with us can include:

  • Meeting our students who combine Torah learning with army service.
  • Standing on the overlook of the Yeshiva, the highest point in the city, with a magnificent view east to Mount Hermon and the Golan Heights, south to the Hula Valley and north to Lebanon, to understand our strategic location in the State of Israel.
  • Volunteering in one of our social welfare programs in the city.
  • Visiting an army base directly on the border with Lebanon and Hizballah.
  • Meeting local kibbutz members and hearing about their lives.
  • Eating a delicious lunch in the Yeshiva’s dining hall.

We are looking forward to hosting you!

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